Deuce Cares

Deuce Cares The Deuce Am Tour gives back to the golf communities in 10 cities

Deuce Am Tour will invite over 1000 golfers to compete against each other in 5 flights in 10 Major markets across the United States. The Deuce Am Tour is that we will identify a GrassRoots Golf Program that focuses on increasing the introduction and advancement of underserved youth in the sport of golf and donate a portion of the profits from the event to them.

We understand the importance of doing our part and to compete in these 10 cities and leave behind something special will be a great feeling for us all. The local Non-Profit organization will be identified 14 days before we arrive along with being given a check on the day of the event. Our goal is to raise 50k over the year and leave behind a mark that will show what can be done when the right people – do the right thing!